Womack's BBQ
Texas Style BBQ


Elois Womack established Womack’s Barbeque in late 1977 after years of being told by family and friends that nothing could beat his backyard barbecues. The restaurant takes great pride in being the best barbeque and soul-food restaurant on the planet. The proof is in the watering mouths that come back year after year from all over the country. Father and son carry on the tradition of tender barbeque and down-home soul foods including Louisiana Gumbo, red beans, rice and sweet potato pie that keeps people coming back all on its own. Come on in to taste for yourself and then take home a jar of Womack’s secret recipe barbeque sauce for your own backyard barbeque. DMX music is always playing at Womacks which is located 1 block from Harveys on the California side, across from The Grand Residence Marriot. (530) 544-2268


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